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Exploring the Advantages of TPO Roofs

Not only are Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) roofs astronomically affordable, but arrive with a heap of benefits, making them a terrific option for commercial and residential owners. TPO roofs comprise materials that resist debris, bacteria, ultraviolet and other chemicals due to its flexibility. Save on energy costs with our professionally installed TPO roofing system that’s proven to withstand high pressure and damage, reflect sunlight and keep buildings cool. However, if your roof’s seams are torn or membrane is punctured, avert a roof leak by inquiring about a TPO roofing repair. Keep your company looking its best while being protected. If you need TPO roofing installation or TPO roofing repair due to the amount of saturation in your roof’s insulation, then Montana Construction & Consulting is here to help.

Trained Experts With Years of TPO Roofing Experience

As one of the most common types of roofing systems for larger commercial facilities, TPO roofs provide businesses a cost-effective and sure-fire way of protection and a solution to increasing energy costs. We have been installing TPO roofing systems for years and helping clients save. Before rolling out your TPO roofing installation, we’ll review the following to ensure you receive the best type of roofing system that corresponds to your needs:

  • Size of your roof
  • Condition of existing roof
  • Choice of installation
  • Choice of membrane
  • Choice of insulation
  • Budget concerns
  • Available warranties

With how high temperatures reach in Montana, having TPO roofs can cut down energy costs, as this type of roof can remarkably reflect UV rays and withstand heat. To ensure your TPO roof lasts you for years, we’ll ensure the installation and maintenance of your new roof are handled with a high measure of professionalism and care. Gladly serving all of Montana, Montana Construction & Consulting can professionally perform your TPO roofing system repair or installation.

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